FBC holds to the belief that prayer and financial support of missionaries both here and abroad are a vital part of the church's mission.

Mike was pastor of Fellowship Bible Church for 17 years and has had 30+ years in pastoral ministry. Several years ago, he started Pure Doctrine Ministry, a ministry for pastoral and leadership training internationally. The goal of PDM is “Getting Pure Doctrine and Practical Training to Needy Pastors Worldwide.”

In recent years Mike has had opportunities, in person and online, to teach pastors and believers in Ukraine, Uganda, Nepal, Nicaragua, Honduras, and the USA. He has been blessed to teach Systematic Theology, Bible Study Methods, Marriage Seminars, Old and New Testament Surveys, Biblical Counseling, and more.

Mike is blessed to be married to Cathy, his beloved of nearly 30 years. Cathy is a local private school elementary teacher. Mike and Cathy’s daughters, Briana and Erica, are also involved in vocational ministry and ministry training.

Mike’s PDM website can be accessed at

Al Baanna and his late wife, Betty, began full-time missionary service in 1983, serving for many years in Eastern Europe and the old Soviet Union in a ministry of equipping leaders, planting churches, and supplying resources for the church. When health issues limited their travel, they relocated back to the USA but continued to develop and oversee ministries in Eastern Europe, the old Soviet Union, and many other countries around the world.

In 2010, Al and Betty became part of a new mission organization named Ministry Developers Network, which provides an organizational home and supportive assistance to domestic and international missionaries and ministries around the world. MDN develops and oversees new and existing Christian ministries by providing guidance, insight and accountability. They also help connect churches, individuals and organizations together for fruitful partnerships. The Lord took Betty home to Him in 2013, but Al continues to serve as CEO of MDN until such a time as the Lord provides a new CEO. It’s Al’s desire to continue in a supportive role with MDN once that change is completed.

Mark and Kim Huffman are originally from Minnesota. They served at FBC St. Cloud and helped start FBC Pierz from 1992 til 2006. Both FBCs sent Mark and Kim (with their 3 boys) as missionaries to Odessa, Ukraine from June 2006 to January 2017. In Ukraine God used Mark and Kim to start two churches, including Living Hope Church, train and send over 90 missionaries as leaders of the Seaside Missionary Training Center and they lead a small group of missionaries with International Messengers. During that time, as their boys grew and finished high school, they returned to the US for college.

In early 2017, as Mark and Kim saw their work wrapping up in Ukraine, Mark and Kim transitioned from working with Living Hope Church and International Messengers in Ukraine, to working with Entrust around the world. Now instead of just training leaders in Ukraine, they are involved in training leaders in over 70 countries. They see God opening up tremendous opportunities for them to continue to be involved in discipling and training church leaders, but now on a global scale. As Chief Operating Officer of Entrust, Mark serves all of the operations and staff of Entrust which includes serving staff from over 75 households living in over 30 countries, leading, pastoring, coaching, supporting and expanding the work God is leading Entrust to do. Kim is on the leadership team of Entrust's women's ministry and spends time discipling missionaries around the world and assisting Mark.

85% of the pastors in the world have no training! Yet many of them and their churches are the ones who can most easily reach the unreached. Our focus is training church leaders to train church leaders, multiplying generations of leaders for multiplying churches, especially in restricted countries.

Lori and I have been married for 14 years and have 3 kids; Trey, Halle & Bode. Our fourth child is due April 8th, ’19. We met in college where both of our lives were touched through the ministry of Cru at Iowa State University. Our objectives are three fold: 1) to win students to Christ through various evangelistic outreaches, from campus wide lectures that expose large segments of a college, to sitting down one on one with a student and explaining to them how they can know Christ personally. 2) To disciple or build students up in their faith so that they can continue on in their walk with the Lord in order to 3) be sent out to have an impact on people in their sphere of influence for Christ while at the university and after. Together it’s our privilege to participate in this corner of God’s global plan as we live out our mission of “ Win, build and send Christ-centered multiplying disciples”

The Love of Christ Children's Center and School is located in an impoverished area of rural Western Kenya in the Luucho Village near the town of Bungoma. In this area many children have lost one or both of their parents and are with little or no means of support. The Center began in 2007 with a desire to provide hope for a few of these helpless little ones by supporting their physical and spiritual needs. FBC partnered with Mustard Seed Evangelical Minitries and Fredrick N. Mulei to begin this project.

Arkadiy and Anneke Naydenov

  • I was born in Uzhgorod, Ukraine, located in the Carpathian Mountains. In 1997 I entered the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies, in the department of Automatic Control of Technological Processes where I received both a bachelor’s degree and a specialist’s degree in process control engineering. I have been on staff with International Messengers since 2002. I was saved at the age of 12 years through Danish missionaries who came to my hometown in 1992. But I really wasn’t living out my Christian walk until I turned 14. Only then did I fully realize what I believed and started living it out.
  • I was born in South Africa and moved to Ukraine in 2001 with my missionary parents. After graduating from homeschooling I served with Ebenezer for nine months, working with the Jews in Ukraine. I came on staff with IM in 2005 after marrying Arkadiy in 2004. I was raised in a Christian home and was saved when I was six years old, but I never really fully lived out my walk with the Lord. When I was 16 years old God really moved me and shook my life. Then I really realized what Christ had come to do for me personally. Ever since that time He has been working in me, molding and making me. This is challenging, and at times very difficult.
Ministry Focus
  • Pastoring the Living Hope Church: Arkadiy is a pastor of the church.
  • Couples ministry: Most of the marriages in the Ukraine are falling apart. People come from broken families, even though they are believers, and they don't know how healthy families work or look. Through this ministry we try and present a biblical model of marriage. Also, we are training couples in Living Hope Church to rise up as leaders and start a couple's Bible Study.
  • Discipleship: To train young leaders and fulfill the great commission.
  • Outreach to Moms: Anneke is building relationships with the moms in the neighborhood with a purpose of sharing the Gospel with them.
  • English Clubs: To reach out to the community using English as a tool to reach people who will not come to a Bible study, for instance.
  • Summer Camps: To reveal Christ to people and to challenge them with a choice to follow Him.
  • SMTC (Seaside Missionary Training Center): Arkadiy is a director of the Seaside Missionary Training center the purpose of which is to train and bring up leaders from Eastern Europe and to send them out to spread His Kingdom globally.
  • Bible Studies: This is part of outreach of the Living Hope Church.
  • Counseling – providing the counsel from His word to the hurting.

Zhenya and Lidiya Bozhetarnik

Our family: Zhenya, Lidiya, Matthew and Olivia, are now moved to Kazakhstan, the south part of the country, which is the most muslim and traditional. God blessed and we made all paperwork and got permanent residency for 10 years. Currently we are serving at the small Kazakh church. All of Kazakh believers that we serve with are very first generation of followers of Jesus who came from muslim culture. The biggest need here is not information, but living people who would live with them and serve with them shoulder to shoulder and show them. Lidiya serves with music and relational ministry with young girls. Lidiya does bakery and it helps to start redemptive relationships. Zhenya helps with training kazakh believers, future leaders in what he can. 10 years of full time ministry in Odessa team equipped us well for God's calling in Asia. Zhenya does bible groups, discipleship meetings, training guys how to preach, and learns a lot from them as well. We hope to start Summer English hiking ministry and looking for people to join us. God has doors in Kazakhstan opened and we want to use every second of time He has been giving to us. Please pray for us and leave us message we would really like to hear that people are remembering us in their prayers.

With Love Bozhatarnyk's Family in Kazakhstan.

Briana Williamson

I grew up in St. Cloud, MN and moved to Minneapolis in 2013 to attend the University of Minnesota. During my time in college and my involvement in Campus Outreach, God helped me to personally understand that even though Jesus knows everything about me – my sins, failures, joys and sorrows – He still died for me so that I could be welcomed into the family of God. Since then, my passion for sharing that good news with others has been growing steadily as I has led Bible studies and discipled girls these past few years.

In my junior year of college, I began thinking about becoming a CO staff person more seriously. As I began to see more of the brokenness in the world, God began to move in her heart to give her the desire to spend the next part of my life sharing the Gospel full-time with college students like myself. That desire was confirmed during my time as women's director of Summer Training Project in 2017, as I watched girls' hearts be transformed by the power of the Gospel.

My prayer is that, during my time on staff at the University of St. Thomas, that I will be a small part of the work that God is doing in the world, and that lives would be changed for the glory of God and the joy of others.

Since 2017, Dan Radke has served with Ambassador College of Bible and Ministry in Hudson, WI, a two-year Bible college that exists to display God’s glory by training Christians with a biblical foundation and equipping them for Christian life and ministry. Dan’s present ministry with Ambassador includes serving as a Bible instructor, interim Dean of Students, library director, and admissions representative. The Lord has used his background in youth ministry and Christian school teaching, along with seminary training and graduate studies in education, to prepare him for this ministry.

At Ambassador, we aim to provide a Christ-centered higher education at a fraction of the typical cost (hence the need for building a team of ministry supporters), while incorporating personal mentoring and hands-on ministry opportunities. Students are trained with a Great Commission mindset to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that all Christians have the responsibility and the privilege to make disciples in whatever vocational calling(s) the Lord has for their lives (Matthew 28:18-20).

What Dan enjoys most about his role: “Faithfully teaching students God's Word is my vocational calling and delight. I love the privilege I have to teach and disciple Ambassador College students, equipping them for gospel-centered living and ministry.”

Dan and Rachel have been married for over eight years, and God has blessed them with Josiah (born 2017) and another little one on the way (due July 2019).

The Pregnancy Resource Center's mission is to minister the love of Christ to pregnant couples. Pregnancy Resource Center offers free pregnancy testing, follow-up and support, limited obstetrical ultrasounds, and PAP tests. For men and women we offer testing, and screening, and consults with a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant for further testing.